Olivier SessinkThis site has some trivial stuff, you know. Nothing interesting, nothing more, nothing less. That's all. This is just page-filling. I hope it's useful for you. There is a collection of programs, these are available under an open source license. There are some publications, scientific as well as editorials. There are some thoughts published here. Last there are some links to sites I like to link. But this is really not interesting. You don't believe me, right? Why are you still reading this?

meNext to meaningless text this site is mostly a bit of a playground for me. Test some HTML, CSS or Javascript, or try a new design.

The design
This design is heavily inspired by the silverSide design. This design is available under an open source license and can be used and adapted as you like. me The photo is edited in the Gimp. I duplicated the photo into two layers. For the upper layer I used the desaturate filter and set the contrast really high. Olivier I applied a layer mask such that the iris from the bottom layer would be visible. In the bottom layer I just increased the contrast.